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I’ve recently (i.e. today) enabled SSL connections to the SIBYLS website. This should give you piece of mind when sending private information across the unpoliced expanse of the internet. Therefore, you can now access via the following URL:

The one annoyance of our newly implemented security is that your browser is going to complain every time you try to connect. If this is not annoying to you then read no further. If you’d like a remedy to the situation hit the jump…

This is how to add the SIBYLS website root CA (certificate authority) certificate to your x509 Anchors keychain.

To trust a certificate authority, you must add its root certificate to your “X509 Anchors” keychain. A certificate authority whose root is not in this keychain cannot be validated by Mac OS X.

IMPORTANT: Only an administrator can add root certificates to the X509 Anchors keychain.

To add a certificate authority to those trusted by the system:

  1. Obtain the root certificate from the certificate authority. In some applications (such as Safari) that display the root certificate as part of an error message, you can simply drag the root certificate icon to the desktop.
  2. Double-click the icon of the root certificate.
  3. Choose X509 Anchors from the pop-up menu and click Add.
  4. Enter an administrator password and click OK.

Now each and every time you visit the SIBYLS website your browser should be happy and not pester you about the certificate authority not being a trusted one.

I’m not sure how this works with Windows machines.

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