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SIBYLS will host our 11th annual BioSAXS workshop during the Advanced Light Source 2020 User Meeting which will be held Tuesday, August 25 - Friday, August 28. For the first time, it will be held VIRTUALLY.


This workshop is designed for current and future SIBYLS and ALS-ENABLE users. We will provide participants with software tutorial sessions for biological SAXS and crystallography. The latest advances in SAXS studies on biological systems will be discussed with particular focus on advances in our mail-in SAXS program and integrating bioSAXS analysis. SIBYLS Lab’s SAXS Beamline Scientists will introduce the future of high throughput and size exclusion coupled SAXS (HT-SAXS and SEC-SAXS). We will present talks about integrating high-resolution models in the SAXS modeling. Introductory crystallography will also be discussed. We will provide an opportunity for participants to present and discuss their projects with the SIBYLS and ALS-ENABLE staff. Interested users will present their case studies for workshop analysis. This will provide for a flux of ideas among workshop participants, and inspire new perspectives for future data analysis.

Click on the link below for the most recent schedule :

2020 BioSAXS workshop Schedule DAY 2.pdf

Registration is now open. It’s Free! To attend the workshop you need to REGISTER for the 2020 ALS user meeting. When you register, indicate that you plan to attend the “Macromolecular Structural Biology at the ALS” workshop.

Inquires : Kathryn Burnett

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