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Eight easy steps to connect to the SIBYLS NX server through the beamline firewall. These instructions will work for OS X and Linux. We've also compiled more detailed instructions when connecting from a Windows PC.

1. Download and Install NoMachine NX Client.

2. Launch the NX Client and create a new connection.

name it whatever you want
Protocol: SSH
Port: 22

3. Under the Advanced Settings check the "Use the NoMachine login" box.

4. Use your SIBYLS computer account username and password. When you connect for the first time I believe you will be prompted to accept the server key. Just click "yes".

5. you will then need to create a new desktop session. Please select Gnome Desktop. We don't have any of the other window managers installed.

6. You are now connected to kona and should have a desktop available to you. You may want to make it fullscreen and set the 1:1 pixel option to make the best use of your monitor.

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