Results tagged “Q315r” from The SIBYLS Beamline

 ADSC was very helpful in making some subtle adjustments to the detector gain maps so that the background of the images collected with our newly upgraded Q315r detector are much more uniform.

Before                                                                     After

q315r_bad_gain_2s.png q315r_good_gain_2s.png




The "Before" image is a 2 second exposure with the multilayer optics and a fully tuned beam. In addition we had some plastic cover slips in the beam to generate background scatter. The "After" image is also a 2 seconds, but with the Si(111) optics and no plastic in the beam path. We will confirm that the gain remap has fully fixed the checker syndrome, but the initial images look very promising.


Come collect data on our newly upgraded ADSC Q315r area detector.

Here is the "proof"


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