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Q315 Temperature Control


The detector can be brought up to essentially room temperature (in order to gracefully shut it down or do other work on it) or brought down to -40°C (to minimize detector noise for data collection) using the “Quantum Console” program on the detector computers.

This figure shows a fairly typical screen image on the detector computers.

In the image shown, the “REMOTE Detector OP” program is already running (as a DOS window). If this program is not running, it needs to be run before the Quantum Console can control the detector modules. The shortcut to the program is highlighted by one of the white circles.

Once the “REMOTE Detector OP” program, hereafter the detector program, is running on all nine modules, you can control the detector temperature by running the Quantum Console program on any one of the detector computers. The shortcut for this program is highlighted by the other white circle.

When the Quantum Console starts, it will open a window that looks something like this:

Before you can do anything else, you need to click on “Connect to Detector Processes.” This will create a row of status reports and allow you to click on “ENABLE Temperature Control”, resulting in a window something like this one:

This window actually shows a temperature-change operation that is already under way, but all the essential parts are visible.

If all is as it should be, setting the temperature is fairly simple. To cool the detector down for operation, click “Ramp to Cold Operating Temp”. To warm it up, click on “Warm up Detector to +10°C”. Either one will gradually bring the detector to the desired temperature. Shifting by the whole range from +10°C to -45°C, in either direction, generally takes about an hour.

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