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We are pleased to announce a new web-based DVD backup system now available at the SIBYLS beamline. It is fairly straightforward to use, but we have included a set of detailed instructions to help get you started. Just login in with your SIBYLS username and password and follow the simple steps to create your custom backup DVDs. When they are finished burning they will be mailed to you.


FoXS, a new webapp which uses the Debye formula for calculating theoretical scattering profiles, has been made available on the ModBase website. Give it a try to see how it compares to CRYSOL.

FoXS is a method for computing a theoretical scattering profile of a structure and fitting of experimental profile. FoXS can be used as a basic tool for numerous structural modeling applications with SAXS data:

  • Comparison of solution and X-ray structure conformations
  • Modeling of different conformation, i.e. model active conformation starting from non-active
  • Structural characterization of flexible proteins
  • Assembly of multi domain proteins starting from single domain structures
  • Assembly of multi protein complexes
  • Fold recognition and comparative modeling
  • Determination of biologically relevant state from the crystals

The crystals server (an Apache Tomcat webapp) has been installed. The crystals webapp will allow you to upload an excel spreadsheet, containing a list of samples, to the SIBYLS beamline for use with DOMO. The spreadsheet will be automatically converted to an XML file and will become available to you via Blu-Ice once you start data collection. The webapp was developed at the SSRL and is in use at their Macromolecular Crystallography facility. If you have used the SAM robot at Stanford and uploaded your spreadsheet to their server then you will notice a distinct similarity.

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