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By combining SAXS results with MX and cryo-EM, Michal Hammel and John Tainer reviewed mechanistic insights into NHEJ structural bio-chemistry. Integrated structures reveal multifunctional roles for disordered linkers and modular dynamic interfaces promoting DSB end processing and alignment into the short-range complex for ligation by LigIV. Integrated findings define dynamic assemblies fundamental to designing separation-of-function mutants and allosteric inhibitors targeting conformational transitions in multifunctional complexes.


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SIBYLS scientists, Michal Hammel and John Tainer, show that the marriage of SAXS with cryo-EM leverages the strengths of both techniques to enable assessment of functional conformations and flexibility defining atomic-resolution molecular mechanisms for DSB repair. SAXS, which measures thermodynamic solution-state conformational states and assemblies outside of cryo- and solid-state conditions, unveils the inherent flexibility of KU, DNA-PKcs and DNA-PK.


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