Crystal Growing Resources

So you want to grow some crystals? Here is a collection of some resources you may find useful:


Molecular Dimensions sells crystal growth screens and supplies as well as having a few crystallization TIPS.

MiTeGen supplys their unique Kapton mounting loops and also distributes Jena Biosciences crystallography supplies.

Hampton Research is the big daddy of the crystallography suppliers, and the original supplier commercial screening kits. They also have some good resources for growing crystals.

Emerald BioSystems has a number of nice screens which many people have had success with.

Fluidigm offers the TOPAZ system for the rapid screening and growth of crystals using nanoscale free interface diffusion (FID).


The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute has a high-throughput screening facility which will screen your samples in a 1536-condition experiment for ~$300 per sample.

The SER (Surface Entropy Reduction) Prediction Server at UCLA is useful if you’re unable to grown crystals.