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Letting DOMO know that the LN2 level is normal

The is important to set. If the value is set to "low" then BLU-ICE will bypass all tong thawing procedures. This can save alot of time when doing development work and troubleshooting when the sample dewar is dry. However, once the sample dewar is filled with LN2 the level must be set to "high" so that the tongs will be properly dried out between dunkings in the LN2.

  1. Go to the "Staff" tab in BLU-ICE
  2. Open a "Generic Operation View" window from the "Tools" pulldown menu by selecting Tools --> OperationView.
  3. enter the following command and press the start button:
  4. setting level to low

    robot_config set_desired_ln2_level low


    setting level to high

    robot_config set_desired_ln2_level high