Protocol to reset DOMO after an emergency stop:

This procedure assumes that DOMO is in the HOME position and that the "CONFIGURATION OK" light on the Robot Interface Chassis is lit, indicating that the robot system is NOT in a state that will cause further emergency stops. If this is not the case then you will need to remedy the situation. As you can see on the front of the chassis there are two pathways:

UPPER - indicating that the Q315 CCD, Sample Lid, Fluorescence Detector, and Sample Stage are all in SAFE positions and DOMO will not kill them.

LOWER - indicating that DOMO is _NOT_ over the sample loading area (i.e. the goniometer) and that DOMO is HOME.

If either of these two circuits is complete and the "CONFIGURATION OK" light on the Robot Interface Chassis is lit then you may proceed to the followings steps.

  1. turn key located on crash-off chassis to the bypass position. The crash-off chassis is labelled:
  3. Go to the "Staff" tab in BLU-ICE and open the Robot Control panel.
  4. Go to the "Status" tab and there should be some indications of whether the robotDHS is Normal or needs to be reset.
  5. Open a "Generic Operation View" window from the "Tools" pulldown menu by selecting Tools --> OperationView.
  6. enter the following command and press the start button:
    robot_config command reset
    You should get something like the following in the log window
    05 Sep 2007 15:44:21 STARTED: robot_config 262.40 command reset
    05 Sep 2007 15:44:21 COMPLETED: robot_config 262.40 normal
  7. Press the black "POWER ON" button on the MOTOR CONTROLS chassis. The red "DRIVE POWER ON" light should be lit.
  8. Turn the key back to the normal position