SIBYLS High Throughput SAXS Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California


SIBYLS now offers both HT-SAXS and SEC-SAXS data collection through our mail-in program.

To take advantage, simply book a slot during an open shift, prepare samples, and ship overnight to arrive on the first day of the shift. A shift usually runs four to five days, starting on the date indicated for each shift. To schedule a mail-in slot, log in with your SIBYLS account and click on the "Book Slot" icon at the top of the page. If the shift you would like to book is already full, please contact Kathryn and she will let you know the moment more time is released during the weeks we collect SAXS.

Please be aware that the ALS will have a two-month maintenance shutdown starting January 2019. During this winter shutdown, the SIBYLS group will continue to upgrade and refine our systems.

In the meantime, we still have slots available for December.

We will resume mail-in SAXS experiments (both HT-SAXS and SEC-SAXS) starting early March, 2019. Check back in mid-January 2019 for exact shift dates.

For more information go to The SIBYLS Beamline.