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We have a coaxial cryojet configuration, which is very convenient for users with multiple sample pin lengths as their samples are guaranteed to lie within the center of the cryostream. However, this means that we often have problems with the build up of ice on the sample pins and the goniometer stalk. Therefore we have installed a sample heating shield. The original design came from Stanford, but we purchased two of these units prefabricated by Crystal Positioning Systems. We are using an Omega CN77332-C2 temperature controller in conjunction with a 14V AC transformer. Although the heating shield is working well it has a 6mm inner diameter bearing which was designed to fit the standard Supper goniometers, and does not fit on our 10mm goniometer stalks. Recently I machined our Huber goniometer stalk to accept the 6mm bearing.

Here is a picture of the current setup.

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