SIBYLS Beamline

Brought to you by IDAT, SBDR, ALS-ENABLE, and the DOE

Recent Highlights

SAXS helps to determine a novel structure of GALS1

The presence of a carbohydrate-rich cell wall is a ubiquitous feature of all plants. While we are beginning to understand the composition and diversity of the polysaccharide components in these[…]

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Visiting scholar at SIBYLS wins award

Angela Kayll from Madison Unviversity spent the summer of 2022 at SIBYLS working with our SAXS scientists and collecting SAXS data on Matlodextrin chains. Angela (Angie), was given a Biochemistry[…]

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SIBYLS help signal target for Anticancer Drugs

Researchers from Genentech in collaboration with SIBYLS beamline scientist, Michal Hammel, used Small Angle X-Ray scattering to learn how an assembly of three proteins works together to transmit signals for[…]

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Evolution and Innovation of RuBisCO

SIBYLS beamline scientists Daniel Rosenberg and Michal Hammel collaborated with the Shih Lab at UC Berkeley to study patterns of oligomerization in rubisco, nature’s most abundant carbon-fixing enzyme.  By using[…]

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