SIBYLS Beamline

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Recent Highlights


Sample Centering with Google’s AutoML

SIBYLS beamline scientist, Scott Classen, collaborated with ScienceIT consultants Shawfeng Dong and Fengchen Liu to use AutoML machine learning for the LoopDHS project. As part of the effort, IT student[…]

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SAXS workshop July 29, 2022

SIBYLS beamline scientist, Michal Hammel, will lead a workshop on Applications of Small Angle Scattering to Structural Biology at the 2022 ACA in Portland, Oregon on July 29th. Registration is[…]

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SIBYLS makes cover of Antibody Therapeutics

Analyzing SAXS data collected at SIBYLS beamline 12.3.1, Michal Hammel determined the structural arrangement of the VH and VL domains in the COBRA™ (COnditional Bispecific Redirected Activation) T-cell engagers. The[…]

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Study finds ‘Missing Link’ in the Evolutionary History of Carbon-fixing Protein Rubisco

SIBYLS beamline scientists contribute to the discovery of an ancient form of rubisco, the most abundant enzyme on earth and critical to life as we know it. By analyzing SEC-SAXS[…]

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