SIBYLS Beamline

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Recent Highlights

Join us for our 15th Annual BioSAXS Workshop on August 14th

Discover how to get the most out of your SAXS data from experts in the field. Are you new to SAXS? Learn all about Small Angle X-ray Scattering and how[…]

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SIBYLS research in Bifurcation of Electrons is highlighted in ALS Science Briefs newsletter

Scientists at SIBYLS used small angle x-ray scattering to understand a microbial protein involved in the bifurcation of high and low energy electrons in microbial metabolism. By analyzing the SAXS[…]

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Applications of Small Angle Scattering to Structural Biology

SIBYLS beamline scientist, Michal Hammel, partners with BioCAT beamline scientist, Jesse Hopkins to lead a workshop on small angle and neutron scattering at the ACA 74th Annual Meeting in Denver,[…]

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SIBYLS makes cover of Biochemistry

Anaerobic SEC-MALS-SAXS at the SIBYLS beamline of the Advanced Light Source probes the conformational states behind electron bifurcation in the Thermotoga maritima EtfABCX, revealing insights on mechanisms at the thermodynamic[…]

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