Group Meetings

Speaker Schedule 2022/23

10/10/22Ryan Kibler, Baker Lab (SIBYLS Guest Speaker)Protein Design
10/17/22Daniel Rosenberg (SIBYLS) 
10/24/22Guest speaker (BCSB) 
10/31/22Albert Liu, Shi Lab (SIBYLS Guest Speaker)Structural Plasticity enables evolution and innovation of RuBisCO assemblies
11/7/22Dan Murray (SIBYLS)Identifying conformational changes involved with electron bifurcation by an oxygen sensitive, hyperthermophilic metalloenzyme
11/14/22Corie Ralston (ALS-ENABLE)The effect of dose rate and dissolved oxygen on radiation damage of peptides in solution
11/28/22Lee Joon Kim (SIBYLS)Integrative Approach for Structural Characterization of Drug Carriers
12/5/22Douglas Theobald, Brandeis University (SIBYLS guest speaker)Ancestral protein resurrection methods reveal convergent evolution of enzyme structure and mechanism
12/12/22Valentina Ruocco (SIBYLS)Effects of N-glycans on structure and dynamics of IgA2 antibodies
1/9/23Ho Leung Ng (SIBYLS guest speaker)
Using AlphaFold in drug discovery
1/16/23No Meeting – Holiday 
1/23/23Michal HammelVisualizing functional plasticity of “green” proteins by x-ray scattering
1/30/23Zhe Li, Baker Lab (BCSB Guest Speaker)Computational Design of 3D Protein Crystals
2/6/23BRaVE call discussion 
2/13/23Will Cantara (Emory University)“Phosphomimetic S207D Lysyl–tRNA Synthetase Binds HIV-1 5′UTR in an Open Conformation and Increases RNA Dynamics”
2/20/23No Meeting – Holiday 
2/27/23NO MEETING 
3/6/23Daniel Rosenberg (SIBYLS)Something about Gold
3/13/23Dr. Grant Shoffner from Guo Lab at UCLATargeting RNA sequence and structure with 3D engineered antisense oligos
3/20/23Greg Hura (SIBYLS)TBD
3/27/23Marc Allaire (BCSB)TBD
4/3/23Dr. Roger Castells-Graells from the Yeates Lab at UCLANovel designed rigidified imaging scaffolds for high-resolution structure determination of small proteins with cryo-EM
4/10/23ALS-ENABLE Webinar (Jay, Greg, Marc, Corie, James and Paul)

We will be recording a webinar on the “Capabilities of ALS-ENABLE beamlines and how to gain access”

4/17/23No meeting 
4/24/23Cheryl Kerfeld, LBNL and Michigan State University and Dave Tiede from Argonne National LabCheryl will talk about the new Center for Catalysis in Biomimetic Confinement and Dave will talk about SAXS data collected at SIBYLS
5/1/23Brandon Russell (SIBYLS)Instrument Design Improvements at X-ray Footprinting and SIBYLS Beamlines
 5/8/23Danill Prigozhin (BCSB)

Highly Variable Immune Receptors in Model Plant Species and Crops

5/15/23Scott Classen (SIBYLS)Developing the new BilboMD app
5/22/23Dave Shin (SIBYLS)TBD
5/29/23NO MEETING 
 6/5/23Dan Murray (SIBYLS)TBD
6/12/23Michal Hammel (SIBYLS)TBD
6/19/23Susan Tsutakawa (SIBYLS)TBD
6/26/23Lee Joon Kim (SIBYLS)TBD