Group Meetings

Speaker Schedule 2023/2024

11/13/23Corie RalstonNew data on the Flash Effect
11/27/23Susan Tsutakawa (SIBYLS)AlphaFold2

Joshua Del Mundo (SIBYLS) and Josh Franklin (Yang Ha group)

Postdoc talks
1/8/24James HoltonUntangling models for less noisy maps
1/22/24Greg Hura (SIBYLS)ALS Visioning report for biosciences
2/5/24Chris BroseyNew analytic framework to apply SAXSi kinetic screening and kVR analysis to allosteric systems.
2/12/24Nazar GoraPostdoc candidate talk
3/4/24 Marc AllaireUpdate on Gemini
3/18/24Yang HaQuantum Chemical Calculations to Support Experimental Results
4/15/24Feng Yu
Generative AI for Protein Structural Ensembles
4/22/24Lee Joon KimTBD
5/13/24Jay NixTBD
5/20/24Sayan GuptaTBD
6/10/24Colin Zhang (Yang Ha’s intern)TBD
6/24/24Susanna Huang (summer intern with Yang Ha’s group)TBD
5/1/23Brandon Russell (SIBYLS)Instrument Design Improvements at X-ray Footprinting and SIBYLS Beamlines
 5/8/23Danill Prigozhin (BCSB)

Highly Variable Immune Receptors in Model Plant Species and Crops

5/15/23Scott Classen (SIBYLS)Developing the new BilboMD app
5/22/23Dave Shin (SIBYLS)TBD
5/29/23NO MEETING 
 6/5/23Dan Murray (SIBYLS)TBD
6/12/23Michal Hammel (SIBYLS)TBD
6/19/23Susan Tsutakawa (SIBYLS)TBD
6/26/23Lee Joon Kim (SIBYLS)TBD