Group Meetings

Speaker Schedule 2022/23

10/10/22Ryan Kibler, Baker Lab (SIBYLS Guest Speaker)Protein Design
10/17/22Daniel Rosenberg (SIBYLS) 
10/24/22Guest speaker (BCSB) 
10/31/22Albert Liu, Shi Lab (SIBYLS Guest Speaker)Structural Plasticity enables evolution and innovation of RuBisCO assemblies
11/7/22Dan Murray (SIBYLS)Identifying conformational changes involved with electron bifurcation by an oxygen sensitive, hyperthermophilic metalloenzyme
11/14/22Corie Ralston (ALS-ENABLE)The effect of dose rate and dissolved oxygen on radiation damage of peptides in solution
11/28/22Lee Joon Kim (SIBYLS)Integrative Approach for Structural Characterization of Drug Carriers
12/5/22Douglas Theobald, Brandeis University (SIBYLS guest speaker)Ancestral protein resurrection methods reveal convergent evolution of enzyme structure and mechanism
12/12/22Valentina Ruocco (SIBYLS)Effects of N-glycans on structure and dynamics of IgA2 antibodies
1/9/23Ho Leung Ng (SIBYLS guest speaker)
Using AlphaFold in drug discovery
1/16/23No Meeting – Holiday 
1/23/23Michal HammelVisualizing functional plasticity of “green” proteins by x-ray scattering
1/30/23Zhe Li, Baker Lab (BCSB Guest Speaker)Computational Design of 3D Protein Crystals
2/6/23BRaVE call discussion 
2/13/23Will Cantara (Emory University)“Phosphomimetic S207D Lysyl–tRNA Synthetase Binds HIV-1 5′UTR in an Open Conformation and Increases RNA Dynamics”
2/20/23No Meeting – Holiday 
2/27/23NO MEETING 
3/6/23Daniel Rosenberg (SIBYLS)Something about Gold
3/13/23Dr. Grant Shoffner from Guo Lab at UCLATargeting RNA sequence and structure with 3D engineered antisense oligos
3/20/23Greg Hura (SIBYLS)TBD
3/27/23Marc Allaire (BCSB)TBD
4/3/23Dr. Roger Castells-Graells from the Yeates Lab at UCLANovel designed rigidified imaging scaffolds for high-resolution structure determination of small proteins with cryo-EM
4/10/23ALS-ENABLE Webinar (Jay, Greg, Marc, Corie, James and Paul)

We will be recording a webinar on the “Capabilities of ALS-ENABLE beamlines and how to gain access”


4/17/23Scott Classen (SIBYLS)TDB
4/24/23Cheryl Kerfeld, LBNL and Michigan State UniversityThe new Center for Catalysis in Biomimetic Confinement
5/1/23Brandon Russell (SIBYLS)TBD
 5/8/23Danill Prigozhin (BCSB)TBD
5/15/23Corie Ralston (Molecular Foundry)TBD
5/22/23Dave Shin (SIBYLS)TBD
5/29/23NO MEETING 
 6/5/23Dan Murray (SIBYLS)TBD
6/12/23Michal Hammel (SIBYLS)TBD
6/19/23Susan Tsutakawa (SIBYLS)TBD
6/26/23Lee Joon Kim (SIBYLS)TBD