Publications 2023

Highlights & Publications 2023

  1. Prabhakar PK, Pereira JH, Taujale R, Shao W, Bharadwaj VS, Chapla D, Yang JY, Bomble YJ, Moremen KW, Kannan N, Hammel M, Adams PD, Scheller HV, Urbanowicz BR. “Structural and biochemical insight into a modular β-1,4-galactan synthase in plants.” Nature plants 2023 Feb 27 link
  2. Tsai WJ, Lai YH, Shi YA, Hammel M, Duff AP, Whitten AE, Wilde KL, Wu CM, Knott R, Jeng US, Kang CY, Hsu CY, Wu JL, Tsai PJ, Chiang-Ni C, Wu JJ, Lin YS, Liu CC, Senda T, Wang S. “Structural basis underlying the synergism of NADase and SLO during group A Streptococcus infection.” Communications biology 2023 Jan 31 ;6(1):124 link
  3. Kaur G, Ren R, Hammel M, Horton JR, Yang J, Cao Y, He C, Lan F, Lan X, Blobel GA, Blumenthal RM, Zhang X, Cheng X. “Allosteric autoregulation of DNA binding via a DNA-mimicking protein domain: a biophysical study of ZNF410-DNA interaction using small angle X-ray scattering.” Nucleic acids research 2023 Jan 20 link
  4. Chinnam NB, Syed A, Hura GL, Hammel M, Tainer JA, Tsutakawa SE. “Combining small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) with protein structure predictions to characterize conformations in solution.” Methods in enzymology 2023 ;678:351-376 link
  5. Brosey CA, Shen R, Moiani D, Jones DE, Burnett K, Hura GL, Tainer JA. “Applying HT-SAXS to chemical ligand screening.” Methods in enzymology 2023 ;678:331-350 link
  6. Murray DT, Shin DS, Classen S, Brosey CA, Hura GL. “Visualizing and accessing correlated SAXS data sets with Similarity Maps and Simple Scattering web resources.” Methods in enzymology 2023 ;678:411-440 link

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