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  1. O’Brien Laramy MN, Costa AP, Cebrero YM, Joseph J, Sarode A, Zang N, Kim LJ, Hofmann K, Wang S, Goyon A, Koenig SG, Hammel M, Hura GL. “Process Robustness in Lipid Nanoparticle Production: A Comparison of Microfluidic and Turbulent Jet Mixing.” Molecular pharmaceutics 2023 Aug 07 ;20(8):4285-4296 link
  2. Salinas ND, Ma R, Dickey TH, McAleese H, Ouahes T, Long CA, Miura K, Lambert LE, Tolia NH. “A potent and durable malaria transmission-blocking vaccine designed from a single-component 60-copy Pfs230D1 nanoparticle.” NPJ vaccines 2023 Aug 18 ;8(1):124 link
  3. Longo MA, Roy S, Chen Y, Tomaszowski KH, Arvai AS, Pepper JT, Boisvert RA, Kunnimalaiyaan S, Keshvani C, Schild D, Bacolla A, Williams GJ, Tainer JA, Schlacher K. “RAD51C-XRCC3 structure and cancer patient mutations define DNA replication roles.” Nature communications 2023 Jul 24 ;14(1):4445 link
  4. Cui G, Botuyan MV, Drané P, Hu Q, Bragantini B, Thompson JR, Schuller DJ, Detappe A, Perfetti MT, James LI, Frye SV, Chowdhury D, Mer G. “An autoinhibited state of 53BP1 revealed by small molecule antagonists and protein engineering.” bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 2023 Jul 18 link
  5. McElroy C, Ihms E, Yadav DK, Holmquist M, Wadwha V, Wysocki V, Gollnick P, Foster M. “Solution structure, dynamics and tetrahedral assembly of Anti-TRAP, a homo-trimeric triskelion-shaped regulator of tryptophan biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis.” bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 2023 Jun 30 link
  6. Hammel M, Fan Y, Sarode A, Byrnes AE, Zang N, Kou P, Nagapudi K, Leung D, Hoogenraad CC, Chen T, Yen CW, Hura GL. “Correlating the Structure and Gene Silencing Activity of Oligonucleotide-Loaded Lipid Nanoparticles Using Small-Angle X-ray Scattering.” ACS nano 2023 Jun 27 ;17(12):11454-11465 link
  7. Motycka B, Csarman F, Tscheliessnig R, Hammel M, Ludwig R. “Resolving domain positions of cellobiose dehydrogenase by small angle X-ray scattering.” The FEBS journal 2023 Jun 08 link
  8. Gedara SH, Wood E, Gustafson A, Liang C, Hung SH, Savage J, Phan P, Luthra A, de Crécy-Lagard V, Dedon P, Swairjo MA, Iwata-Reuyl D. “7-Deazaguanines in DNA: functional and structural elucidation of a DNA modification system.” Nucleic acids research 2023 May 08 ;51(8):3836-3854 link
  9. Díaz Casas A, Cordoba JJ, Ferrer BJ, Balakrishnan S, Wurm JE, Pastrana-Ríos B, Chazin WJ. “Binding by calmodulin is coupled to transient unfolding of the third FF domain of Prp40A.” Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society 2023 Apr ;32(4):e4606 link
  10. Pratsinis A, Fan Y, Portmann M, Hammel M, Kou P, Sarode A, Ringler P, Kovacik L, Lauer ME, Lamerz J, Hura GL, Yen CW, Keller M. “Impact of non-ionizable lipids and phase mixing methods on structural properties of lipid nanoparticle formulations.” International journal of pharmaceutics 2023 Apr 25 ;637:122874 link
  11. Prabhakar PK, Pereira JH, Taujale R, Shao W, Bharadwaj VS, Chapla D, Yang JY, Bomble YJ, Moremen KW, Kannan N, Hammel M, Adams PD, Scheller HV, Urbanowicz BR. “Structural and biochemical insight into a modular β-1,4-galactan synthase in plants.” Nature plants 2023 Mar ;9(3):486-500 link
  12. Gerben SR, Borst AJ, Hicks DR, Moczygemba I, Feldman D, Coventry B, Yang W, Bera AK, Miranda M, Kang A, Nguyen H, Baker D. “Design of Diverse Asymmetric Pockets in De Novo Homo-oligomeric Proteins.” Biochemistry 2023 Jan 17 ;62(2):358-368 link
  13. Maciag JJ, Chantraine C, Mills KB, Yadav R, Yarawsky AE, Chaton CT, Vinod D, Fitzkee NC, Mathelié-Guinlet M, Dufrêne YF, Fey PD, Horswill AR, Herr AB. “Mechanistic basis of staphylococcal interspecies competition for skin colonization.” bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 2023 Jan 27 link
  14. Kappes EC, Kattamuri C, Czepnik M, Yarawsky AE, Brûlé E, Wang Y, Ongaro L, Herr AB, Walton KL, Bernard DJ, Thompson TB. “Follistatin Forms a Stable Complex With Inhibin A That Does Not Interfere With Activin A Antagonism.” Endocrinology 2023 Jan 09 ;164(3)link
  15. Paraan M, Nasef M, Chou-Zheng L, Khweis SA, Schoeffler AJ, Hatoum-Aslan A, Stagg SM, Dunkle JA. “The structure of a Type III-A CRISPR-Cas effector complex reveals conserved and idiosyncratic contacts to target RNA and crRNA among Type III-A systems.” PloS one 2023 ;18(6):e0287461 link
  16. Macdonald R, Mahoney BJ, Soule J, Goring AK, Ford J, Loo JA, Cascio D, Clubb RT. “The Shr receptor from Streptococcus pyogenes uses a cap and release mechanism to acquire heme-iron from human hemoglobin.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2023 Jan 31 ;120(5):e2211939120 link
  17. Gerben SR, Borst AJ, Hicks DR, Moczygemba I, Feldman D, Coventry B, Yang W, Bera AK, Miranda M, Kang A, Nguyen H, Baker D. “Design of Diverse Asymmetric Pockets in De Novo Homo-oligomeric Proteins.” Biochemistry 2023 Jan 17 ;62(2):358-368 link
  18. Tsai WJ, Lai YH, Shi YA, Hammel M, Duff AP, Whitten AE, Wilde KL, Wu CM, Knott R, Jeng US, Kang CY, Hsu CY, Wu JL, Tsai PJ, Chiang-Ni C, Wu JJ, Lin YS, Liu CC, Senda T, Wang S. “Structural basis underlying the synergism of NADase and SLO during group A Streptococcus infection.” Communications biology 2023 Jan 31 ;6(1):124 link
  19. Kaur G, Ren R, Hammel M, Horton JR, Yang J, Cao Y, He C, Lan F, Lan X, Blobel GA, Blumenthal RM, Zhang X, Cheng X. “Allosteric autoregulation of DNA binding via a DNA-mimicking protein domain: a biophysical study of ZNF410-DNA interaction using small angle X-ray scattering.” Nucleic acids research 2023 Jan 20 link
  20. Chinnam NB, Syed A, Hura GL, Hammel M, Tainer JA, Tsutakawa SE. “Combining small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) with protein structure predictions to characterize conformations in solution.” Methods in enzymology 2023 ;678:351-376 link
  21. Brosey CA, Shen R, Moiani D, Jones DE, Burnett K, Hura GL, Tainer JA. “Applying HT-SAXS to chemical ligand screening.” Methods in enzymology 2023 ;678:331-350 link
  22. Murray DT, Shin DS, Classen S, Brosey CA, Hura GL. “Visualizing and accessing correlated SAXS data sets with Similarity Maps and Simple Scattering web resources.” Methods in enzymology 2023 ;678:411-440 link

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