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A closer look at beamline 12.3.1

High-throughput SAXS

For sample delivery we use a high-precision multichannel Tecan Evo 100 liquid handling robot with four automated arms. The sample is carried from plate to beam inside the needle tip and exposed through a mica window increasing throughput and preventing sample degradation, allowing us to collect more samples and deliver more data.

Size-Exclusion Chromatography

Seperation of analytes is  accomplished by size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) using an agilent 1260 series HPLC with a Shodex analytical column at a glow rate of 0.5 ml/min. Eluent is split 2 to 1 between X-ray synchrotron radiation and a series of our four inline analytical instruments.

Dectris Pilatus 3 2M Detector

With count rates up to 10 Mcts/sec pixels our Pilatus 3 2M detector gives us much faster readout times than our previous detector. Other advantages include direct detection of X-rays in single-photon-counting mode, no readout noise,  no dark current, and excellent point-spread.

Mail-in SAXS

We offer a small angle X-ray scattering(SAXS) data collection service for users world wide. SIBYLS is unique among most SAXS beamlines in that users ship samples overnight either in a 96-well plate (HT-SAXS) or Eppendorf PCR tubes (SEC-SAXS) to our lab at the Advance Light Source. Our experienced SIBYLS staff along with the beamline scientists collect your data. No more expensive traveling and learning curves to get valuable SAXS data for your research. Both academic (free) and proprietary interests are welcome.

For High-Throughput SAXS (HT-SAXS), users “mail in” their samples in a sealed 96-well plate for analyses.

For Size-Exclusion Chromatography SAXS (SEC-SAXS), users send us single samples and buffers, and then choose from our