Shutter Box Modifications

Shutter Box Modifications

Here is a 3D CAD drawing illustrating the general layout of the PX endstation showing the location of the soon-to-be installed Epson robot arm and the sample dispensing dewar:

In order for the rectangular sample dispensing dewar to fit comfortably on the shelf to the left of the shutter box I thought it would be necessary to move the cold water, high voltage and as many of the BNC connectors from the left side to the right side of the shutter box. Of course I forgot to take before pictures, but …

… here are some pictures after having moved the water and high voltage lines.

This picture shows the extra valve for filling the shutter box with helium. It will get in the way of the tong deicing apparatus so I removed it and replaced it with a blanking plate. There is another valve on the other side of the tee that we can still use for filling the box with helium.

Top view of shutter box with all bolts loosened. You can see the video camera that is used for the beam position monitor. It uses the 45º silvered mirror to look through a small port hole in the lid of the shutter box.

This is the left side. The shutter control is the wire nearest and the two BNC connectors in back are for the optional split ion gauge

This is the right side. You can see the cold water feed through for cooling the shutter mechanism, the high voltage feed for the ion gauge, and in the back 2 optional BNC connectors fro the split ion gauge.

Top view inside the shutter box with the lid removed. The split ion gauge is in the back and the shutter mechanism up front.

This is a close-up of the back of the shutter. You can see the YAG crystal which is glued to the back of the shutter. The direct X-ray beam hits this YAG crystal and fluoresces. The camera on the lid visualizes this image and it is sent to the LabView system where a beam positioning program adjusts the position of the Chi2 and M2 tilt motors to maintain a constant beam position.

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