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A new review on macromolecular SAXS has been published in the Quarterly Reviews in Biophysics by Putnam, C.D., Hammel, M., Hura, G.L., and Tainer, J.A.

“This six part review addresses both theoretical and practical concepts, concerns and considerations for using these techniques in conjunction with computational methods to productively combine solution scattering data with high-resolution structures.”

The review provides an extensive and up-to-date review on the application of small angle X-ray scattering is available for download.

The Gel Dilemma


Rands is even more obsessed about his writing instruments than Jane and I.

DOMO's Maiden Voyage


Scott Williams, a postdoc in the Tainer group at The Scripps Research Institute, was the first crystallographer to use DOMO. Here he is kicking back and enjoying some of the fine espresso available at the beamline while DOMO mounts his samples from the custom LN2 sample dewar in the hutch.

Scott screened through ~40 samples during his 16 hour shift, and collected several useful datasets.

ALS Ring Status

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