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DOMO Does Remote Too

DOMO Does Remote Too

DOMO (**D**ynamic **O**ffsite **M**X(Macromolecular Crystallography) **O**perator) mounted crystals remotely for the first time today. The user accessed the beamline via port 22 (*i*.*e*. ssh) from San Diego using NX Client and was able to successfully screen through 50 or so crystals. Although I could have monitored the shift from my office, from home, or from [Tahiti](http://www.tahiti-tourisme.com/), I thought it would be more prudent to remain close to the beamline in the unlikely event that intervention was needed…. Well I’m glad that I stuck around. Although DOMO performed well, there were a couple of times that I needed to step in a make things right. Overall, however, it was a very successful first run.
If you are interested in collecting crystallographic data from the comfort of your own lab (or Tahiti) I would encourage you to [apply](http://www-als.lbl.gov/als/quickguide/independinvest.html) for time on the SIBYLS beamline. We have a small supply of sample cassettes and the necessary tools for loading the cassettes. A cassette kit can be sent to you, whereupon you load the cassette with your valuable samples, and thusly send it back to the beamline in time for your shift. It’s loads of fun!


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