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Researchers with JCSG have recently determined the structure of TadZ bound to ATP. This new PDB along with the structures of other pilins and pilin associated proteins have been chosen as the PSI featured system of the month for April. Bacteria typically have a large number of genes that encode proteins for the synthesis, localization and assembly of these pilins. The role of pili in bacterial pathogenesis has made understanding them an exciting area of research. In addition to the recent JCSG structure, the PSI feature article also highlights the 1ay2 structure solved in the Tainer lab in 1995, and published in Nature. The following image of 3fkq was created by David Goodsell


Xu, Q. et al. “Structure of the pilus assembly protein TadZ from Eubacterium rectale: implications for polar localization.” Mol. Microbiol. 83, 712-727 (2012).

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