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Keeping DOMO happy


Hello DOMO users,

DOMO is fairly robust, and is capable of handling your precious crystals mounted in a variety of bases:


However, you must take some care when gluing or epoxying the pins into the bases. If there is too much glue or epoxy or you inadvertantly get some on the sides or bottom of the base this will cause the robot to jam, which will require time-wasting reset procedures, lost samples, and unhappy beamline support personnel.

Here is a recent example of several pins where the user (who will remain unnamed) applied entirely too much epoxy. Somehow the user was able to load these pins into the cassette, but they caused the robot to jam.


There are more detailed tips and hints on the SSRL SMB website for preparing your bases and pins.

Summary of Options for Applying for Beamtime at the ALS

  1. RAPIDD - a rapid access process, replaces the 2-month proposal system. SAXS proposals should use the RAPIDD system. MX applicants may apply for either RAPIDD or 6 Month Proposals.

    The aim is to provide quick turnaround. Proposals are fairly simple, requiring a one page pdf describing the science, and will be accepted at any time. Proposals are sent out for review within two business days, and we hope to complete the review within 2-3 weeks. Beamtime may be allocated at any time after submission depending on your proposal score, the number of proposals submitted, and the beamtime available. We have never rejected a RAPIDD application for SAXS data collection except for applications proposing technically impossible experiments nto suited to the SIBYLS beamline.


    This mechanism will suit regular long-term users of the ALS. It has been available since January 2012 and 14 research groups successfully established a 2-year research program in the first cycle. The mechanism allows users to apply for a longer term program through the regular ALS proposal cycle. Proposals are accepted every 6 months, for beamtime starting 4 months later. These proposals may be renewed for subsequent 6 month cycles for up to 2 years. Proposals may cover a broad program of work, and will be submitted as a PDF file, up to 3 pages long. We hope this will reduce the overall workload for users who currently submit more than one proposal a year.

ALS Ring Status

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