Beamline Publications

Are you about to publish a paper made possible by the SIBYLS beamline? If so we would greatly appreciate it if you would acknowledge the beamline, support staff, and our funding sources. This is critical in order for us to maintain SIBYLS beamline as a world class facility for SAXS and MX experiments.

  • This work was conducted at the Advanced Light Source (ALS), a national user facility operated by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on behalf of the Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, through the Integrated Diffraction Analysis Technologies (IDAT) program, supported by DOE Office of Biological and Environmental Research. Additional support comes from the National Institute of Health project ALS-ENABLE (P30 GM124169) and a High-End Instrumentation Grant S10OD018483.
  • Additional acknowledgments to add if the manuscript is resulting from the SBDR P01 project.

    Efforts to apply SAXS and crystallography to characterize eukaryotic pathways relevant to human cancers are supported in part by National Cancer Institute grant Structural Biology of DNA Repair (SBDR) CA92584.

    If you received substantive help from beamline staff please also consider either adding them as a co-author or mentioning them in the acknowledgments.

    Publications from the SIBYLS beamline have been tagged with convenient links to their respective PubMed entries link, and when applicable their entry in Faculty of 1000 link.


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