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In preparation for our implementation of the SAM crystal mounting robot we've reorganized the equipment rack to accommodate a new graphics workstation that will be the primary interface for users collecting PX data. Additionally we've set up dual monitors so that users can collect data and control the beamline on one LCD and process data on the other LCD.

We have received and are in the process of installing a Hamilton Micro LAB 4000 liquid handling system. This "robot" (Greg doesn't like to call it a robot so I'll enclose it in quotes) will be put to the task of automating the sample loading and cell washing functions for the SAXS endstation.

Here is a 3D CAD drawing illustrating the general layout of the PX endstation showing the location of the soon-to-be installed Epson robot arm and the sample dispensing dewar:

In order for the rectangular sample dispensing dewar to fit comfortably on the shelf to the left of the shutter box I thought it would be necessary to move the cold water, high voltage and as many of the BNC connectors from the left side to the right side of the shutter box. Of course I forgot to take before pictures, but ...

Big things are afoot at the SIBYLS beamline. Our Epson SCARA robot arm has finally arrived. This is the major component of our new auto crystal mounting robot. We have decided to install a system very similar to the Stanford Automated Mounting (SAM) system. Our decision was based on several factors:

1) It was within our budget.
2) It will be possible to integrate into the BLU-ICE beamline control software (also developed at the SSRL) which we are already using at the SIBYLS beamline.
3) This system has a large capacity (2 cassettes each holding 96 samples).
4) The robot is compatible with the uni-puck.

Essentially we will be able to adopt about 90% of the Stanford system with a few modifications to the sample dispensing dewar.

If you have any suggestions for a name please leave a comment. Berkeley Auto Mounter (BAM) is not an option because it is already used.

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