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New CCD_Z motor and gearbox

In order to make room for the Epson robot arm we replaced the straight motor/gearbox combo with a 90º gearbox and equivalent motor. BEFORE: AFTER:

Dewar Stand Installed

The stand to hold the LN2 sample dispensing dewar was installed on Monday of this week. It’s that shiny black post in the middle of the picture.

upgrading BLU-ICE from release 3.0 to 4.5

The last few days I have been primarily focussed on getting the latest BLU-ICE (version 4.5) control software running on our graphics1 computer. I have documented the process fairly well so when all is said and done I should be able to write a back-from-the-dead script so we can go from a bare machine to…
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Shutter Box Modifications

Here is a 3D CAD drawing illustrating the general layout of the PX endstation showing the location of the soon-to-be installed Epson robot arm and the sample dispensing dewar: In order for the rectangular sample dispensing dewar to fit comfortably on the shelf to the left of the shutter box I thought it would be…
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