Science Highlights

Equipment rack reorganization and new dual monitors

In preparation for our implementation of the SAM crystal mounting robot we’ve reorganized the equipment rack to accommodate a new graphics workstation that will be the primary interface for users collecting PX data. Additionally we’ve set up dual monitors so that users can collect data and control the beamline on one LCD and process data…
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Greg begins installation of SAXS auto sample loading system

We have received and are in the process of installing a Hamilton Micro LAB 4000 liquid handling system. This “robot” (Greg doesn’t like to call it a robot so I’ll enclose it in quotes) will be put to the task of automating the sample loading and cell washing functions for the SAXS endstation.

Shutter Box Modifications

Here is a 3D CAD drawing illustrating the general layout of the PX endstation showing the location of the soon-to-be installed Epson robot arm and the sample dispensing dewar: In order for the rectangular sample dispensing dewar to fit comfortably on the shelf to the left of the shutter box I thought it would be…
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Epson robot arm arrives

Big things are afoot at the SIBYLS beamline. Our Epson SCARA robot arm has finally arrived. This is the major component of our new auto crystal mounting robot. We have decided to install a system very similar to the Stanford Automated Mounting (SAM) system. Our decision was based on several factors: 1) It was within…
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Beamline Usage Policy

1. Every person who will use SIBYLS must be trained directly by SIBYLS staff. 2. Users may not operate equipment in the SIBYLS hutch for which they have not been trained. 3. If more then one person will be using the beamline over the course of the assigned time one spokesperson (the original proposal applicant…
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Heating Shield

We have a coaxial cryojet configuration, which is very convenient for users with multiple sample pin lengths as their samples are guaranteed to lie within the center of the cryostream. However, this means that we often have problems with the build up of ice on the sample pins and the goniometer stalk. Therefore we have…
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Helium Box

We are in the process of building a Helium box for the PX endstation. It has a lower and upper box. The lower box will be permanently affixed to the endstation, and the upper box will be removable. Although it is a little complicated to remove, it takes about 5 minutes to install/remove. I’ve posted…
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