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New DOMO Sample Dewar Lid

We've installed a sweet new blue anodized aluminum air dam on the pneumatic lid for the DOMO sample dewar (with color coordinated electric blue CPU fans). The air dam helps to draw off frozen ice crystals from the air above the liquid nitrogen when the dewar lid is open. This will hopefully prevent the ice from falling into the LN2 and contaminating it. If it doesn't work at least it looks cool. 211207_dewar.jpg

Quen Cheng in the Cooper lab has done a nice set of experiments to address the usefulness of various readily available detergents for improving the behavior proteins in SAXS experiments.

Publications in 2007


At least 18 publications were made possible by the SIBYLS beamline in 2007 and have been added to our publications page. We are very pleased that the PX and SAXS endstations have been so useful to so many researchers doing such varied work. We hope that 2008 will be even more productive. If you know of any publications that we have not included please let us know.

ALS Ring Status

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