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SIBYLS Postdoc, Dan Murray, to speak at workshop

Dan will be giving a talk on Conformational equilibria underlying electron bifurcation in Thermotoga maritima Fix/EtfABCX at the Neutron Scattering and Electrochemistry Workshop taking place at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Aug 30 – 31. Here is a sneak preview of one of the slides… Go here for a preview of Dan’s talk.

RAD51C-XRCC3 structure and cancer patient mutations define DNA replication roles

In this study, the authors present structures and functional analyses for the RAD51C-XRCC3 tumor suppressor complex, providing insights into recurrent mutations in cancer and Fanconi Anemia patients that uncover distinct DNA replication fork protection, restart and reversal regions. The publication was highlighted as a Featured Article by Nature Communications. Structural data for this publication were…
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BioSAXS Workshop on Sept. 11th

Join us for a 1-day virtual BioSAXS workshop on September 11, 2023. We will have interactive tutorials on SAXS data analysis given by our beamline scientists, Greg Hura and Scott Classen, along with expert talks on SAXS data analysis and utilizing SAXS data in research. You will also have the opportunity to hear about our…
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SIBYLS / Genetech collaboration makes news!

SIBYLS sceintists, Greg Hura and Michal Hammel, have teamed up with Genetech, a member of the Roche Group, to improve drug delivery with better lipid nanoparticles by using small angle x-ray scattering to produce and characterize LNPs at record speed. Read article in NEWS FROM BERKELEY LAB.

SIBYLS Postdoc speaks at the 73rd Annual ACA meeting in Baltimore

SIBYLS Postdoc, Lee Joon Kim, presented her work with vaccines and drug delivery systems at the 73rd Annual ACA meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, July 11th. Dr. Kim spoke about her work in collaboration with SIBYLS scientists, Drs. Hura and Hammel, involving lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), which are an effective carrier for the delivery of…
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Genentech/Roche visits SIBYLS

A group of 17 scientists from Genentech/Roche visited SIBYLS in March 2023. The group was headed by Dr. Chun-wan Yen (second from left, front row), a Senior Principal Scientist with Genentech based in San Fransisco. They were given a tour of the ALS experimental ring, including a extensive tour of the SIBYLS SAXS beamline 12.3.1.…
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SIBYLS makes BioSciences news

The SIBYLS beamline was used to characterize proteins using reinforcement learning, an algorithm developed by frequent BL 12.3.1 users from David Baker’s lab at the University of Washington. Read the article here.

SAXS helps to determine a novel structure of GALS1

The presence of a carbohydrate-rich cell wall is a ubiquitous feature of all plants. While we are beginning to understand the composition and diversity of the polysaccharide components in these walls, little is known about the enzymes involved in their synthesis. By combing macromolecular X-ray crystallography together with solution X-ray scattering data collecting at beamline…
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